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We are open to the public since 1 February 2000, being a reference in terms of traditional Portuguese food. The cuisine is diverse with fish or meat dishes but always with dishes linked to traditional Portuguese. Situated in front of the tourist resort Vila Sol, a good place to visit, especially for golf lovers. And here we offer a beautiful, quiet space where people find quality food and service. In 2016 we expanded the restaurant and opened the wine bar where customers can have a larger wine experience, well decorated, quiet and modern space, ideal for private groups. The restaurant has more than 120 seats allied to good comfort, quality service and a high quality wine list, well diversified with a very strong connection to Portuguese wines, where they are selected in detail.

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  • “Loved the food, the ambiance, the staff, it was all 5 stars, I'll go back for sure!”

    — Joana F.

  • “I was for the first time at a company dinner and I can only speak good of the space and the food, I recommend!.”

    — Luis M.

  • “I found something different from other places, I felt very comfortable, I liked it!.”

    — Andreia S.

  • “I didn't had the opportunity to try the bar, but it leaves a lot to be desired.”

    — Jorge F.


If you prefer a fruit instead of dessert or a natural juice, we always have several fruits available for you.


We buy fish every day in local markets from the sea to the sea. where unique flavors are found and where fresh fish are really tasted.


Vegetables to give color to your dish and also an unforgettable flavor.


Great variety of meat, from pork, lamb, chicken etc. where the meat is always fresh, tender and very rich in flavor.


Some of our dishes and drinks.


  • prato

    Sex on the beach

    Vodka, contreau, peach schnapps, orange juice e currant

  • prato


    Lima, yellow sugar, crushed ice and cachaça

  • prato


    Lima, sugar, mint, crushed ice and bacardi

  • prato

    Soft drinks

    With a base of fruits and without alcohol


  • prato

    Portuguese steak

    Includes potatoes slices, egg ham and garlic

  • prato

    Picanha no Espeto

    Includes French fries, white rice, black beans and farofa

  • prato

    Lamb chop

    Accompanied with French fries or white rice

  • prato

    Espetada a Casa

    Pork, onion, tomatoes, peppers, prawns rolled up in bacon served with french fries


  • prato

    Ameijoas á bulhão pato

  • prato

    Shrimp as home

  • prato

    Fried king fish

  • prato

    Avocado and shrimp salad


  • prato

    Grilled Grouper

    Accompanied with cooked Vegetables

  • prato

    Salmon skewers

    Accompanied with Vegetables or Salad

  • prato

    Grilled Sole or Munier

    Includes coriander vegetables, salad or rice

  • prato

    Squids in the casserole

    Accompanied with coriander rice


We are prepared to receive lunches and dinners for groups, companies or other type of event.

Group Dinners

+10 People

Starter, Main dishes, Dessert and digestive for a price adjusted to itself.


+10 people

Starter, Main dishes, Dessert and digestive for a price adjusted to itself.

Wine tasting

+10 Pessoas

It consists of a wine tasting where we teach people everything about wine.

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